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Recettes Desserts
Carnation® Caramel Sauce
This is a great way to have a low fat caramel sauce, Caramel sauce is usually made with 35% whipping cream, just replace the cream with Carnation® Regular or 2% Evaporated Milk.

Préparation :5 minutes
Cuisson : 5-7 minutes

Ingrédients Préparation
1 cup[250 mL]sugar
1/4 cup[50 mL]cold water
1/2 cup[125 mL]Carnation® Regular or 2% Evaporated Milk 
Place sugar and water in large saucepan. Place on medium heat and stir only until sugar dissolves. With pastry brush dipped in cold water brush down any sugar from sides of pan. Keep cooking without stirring, until mixture turns deep golden colour, about (careful not to burn). Quickly remove from heat and add milk. Mixture will bubble up furiously and then calm down. If mixture is not smooth, cook on low heat a few minutes longer.

Remarque :
• Serve sauce with Cookie Cutout Cake. Drizzle on the plate for decoration before placing on the slice of cake.
• Serve with as a dip for fruit.

Donne 1 1/2 cups (375 mL)

Carnation® Caramel Sauce
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